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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012Analysis of financial crisis in UAE financial marketsZaki, E. ; Bah, R. ; Rao, A. 
2010Analysis of managerial efficiency in insurance sector in the UAE: An emerging economyRao, A. ; Kashani, H. ; Marie, A. 
2009Analysis of strategic issues at A B2B case study in the middle eastRao, A. ; Awan, M.A. 
2008Analysis of volatility persistence in Middle East emerging equity marketsRao, A. 
2011Assessing probabilities of financial distress of banks in UAEZaki, E. ; Bah, R. ; Rao, A. 
2009Cost efficiency and value driver analysis of insurers in an emerging economyMarie, A. ; Rao, A. ; Kashani, H. 
2009A discrete stochastic goal program for portfolio selection: The case of United Arab emirates equity marketBen Abdelaziz, F. ; El Fayedh, R. ; Rao, A. 
2018Empirical Analysis of Joint Impact of Enterprise Risk Management and Corporate Governance on Firm ValueProf. Ananth Rao 
2017Ethical Stochastic Objectives Programming Approach for Portfolio SelectionProf. Ananth Rao ; Ben Abdelaziz, Fouad ; Bagheri, Noushin 
2010Impact of market power and efficiency on performance of banks in the gulf cooperation council countriesRettab, B. ; Kashani, H.A. ; Obay, L.A. ; Rao, A. 
2009Implementation of enterprise risk management (ERM) tools - a case studyRao, A. 
2017Japanese Airline Management Strategy ?Case study of All Nippon Airway’s Global Business Strategy?Rao, A. ; Genanew B. Worku ; Sumaiyya Wahid Shaikh 
2009Performance of exporters in an emerging economyRettab, B. ; Rao, A. 
2018Predicting Business Distress Using Neural Network in SME-Arab RegionGenanew B. Worku ; AL KHATIB, Malik ; Prof. Ananth Rao 
2018Predicting Users’ Responses of Public Utility Services - Multivariate and Neural Network Analysis - A Case StudyRao, A. ; Mansoor, Wathiq ; Genanew B. Worku ; Nair, Meena ; G.R., Poornima ; S., Sreedharan 
2015Revisiting the Link Between Stock Prices and Goods Prices in OECD CountriesHassan, K. ; Hoque, A. ; Rao, A. 
2017Sectoral Evaluation for Economic and Financial Development in Dubai and rest of UAERao, A. ; Genanew B. Worku ; Sumaiyya Wahid Shaikh 
2018System and Neural Network Analysis of Economic and Financial Development – A case study of Dubai and rest of UAERao, A. ; Genanew B. Worku 
2018System and neural network analysis of intent to buy and willingness to pay insurance premiumTolani, S. ; Rao, A. ; Worku, G.B. ; Osman, M. 
2017Users’ Satisfaction of Public Utility Services – Multivariate System AnalysisRao, A. ; Wathiq Mansour ; Genanew B. Worku ; Nair, Meena ; Poornima, G R ; Sreedharan, S