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2017The cross section of international government bond returnsAdam Zaremba ; Czapkiewicz, A. 
2019The cross-section of returns in frontier equity markets: Integrated or segmented pricing?Adam Zaremba ; Maydybura, Alina 
Jan-2019Cross-sectional seasonalities in international government bond returnsAdam Zaremba 
2018Dissecting anomalies in Islamic stocks: Integrated or segmented pricing?Adam Zaremba ; Karathanasopoulos, A. ; Maydybura, A. ; Czapkiewicz, A. ; Bagheri, N. 
2018Less pain, more gain: Volatility-adjusted residual momentum in international equity marketsAdam Zaremba ; Umutlu, M. ; Maydybura, A. 
Jan-2018Paper profits or real money? Trading costs and stock market anomalies in country ETFsAdam Zaremba ; Andreu, L. 
May-2018Post-merger returns in frontier markets, or how we learned to stop worrying and love the acquirersAdam Zaremba ; Szyszka, A. ; Płotnicki, M. ; Grobelny, P. 
2019Return seasonalities in government bonds and macroeconomic riskMikutowski, Mateusz ; Karathanasopoulos, A. ; Adam Zaremba 
Jan-2019Reverse splits in international stock markets: Reconciling the evidence on long-term returnsZaremba, A. ; Okoń, S. ; Asyngier, R. ; Schroeter, L. 
Feb-2019The sources of momentum in international government bond returnsZaremba, A. ; Kambouris, G. 
Dec-2018Strategies can be expensive too! The value spread and asset allocation in global equity marketsZaremba, A. ; Umutlu, M.