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Jun-2018A decision matrix model to identify and evaluate APT vulnerabilities at the user planeNicho, M. ; Khan, S.N. 
2017Green computing implementation factors: UAE case studyAljaberi, M.A. ; Khan, S.N. ; Muammar, S. 
2014Identifying vulnerabilities of advanced persistent threats: An organizational perspectiveNicho, M. ; Khan, S. 
2012Impact of cloud computing on the IT portfolio management: UAE case studyKhan, S.N. 
2017Managing Information Security Risk Using Integrated Governance Risk and ComplianceNicho, M. ; Khan, S. ; Rahman, M.S.M.K. 
2010On the design of a healthcare information systems concentrationKhan, S.N. 
2019Role assigning and taking in cloud computingKhan, Shafaq Naheed ; Nicho, Mathew ; Takruri, Haifa ; Maamar, Zakaria ; Kamoun, Faouzi