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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Adoption of near field communication (NFC) for mobile payments in the UAE: A merchants' perspectiveHalaweh, M. ; Qaisi, H.A. 
2012Adoption of Near Field Communication technology for mobile payments in the uaeHalaweh, M. 
2012Analysis of financial crisis in UAE financial marketsZaki, E. ; Bah, R. ; Rao, A. 
2010Analysis of managerial efficiency in insurance sector in the UAE: An emerging economyRao, A. ; Kashani, H. ; Marie, A. 
2010An analysis of productivity change: Are UAE banks operating efficiently when compared to GCC banks?Kashani, H.A. ; Obay, L.A. 
2009Analysis of strategic issues at A B2B case study in the middle eastRao, A. ; Awan, M.A. 
2008Analysis of volatility persistence in Middle East emerging equity marketsRao, A. 
2017Analytical Marketing with Collective PerceptionLoia, Francesca ; Gaeta, Matteo ; De Falco, Massimo ; D’Aniello, Giuseppe 
2017Android-based real-time healthcare systemTarapiah, S. ; Daadoo, M. ; Atalla, S 
2011Application of grounded theory method in information systems research: Methodological and practical issuesHalaweh, M. 
2017Approximation neighborhood evaluation for the design of the logistics support of complex engineering systemsTriki, C. ; Al-Alawin, A. ; Ghiani, G. ; Manni, E. 
2007Are co-integrated stock prices consistent with the efficient market hypothesis?Wilson, E.J. ; Marashdeh, H.A. 
2011Are restrictions on foreign ownership counter-productive? Evidence from Dubai, United Arab EmiratesAzzam, A. ; Rettab, B. 
2007Artificial intelligence and DNA computingEzziane, Z. 
2011Assessing probabilities of financial distress of banks in UAEZaki, E. ; Bah, R. ; Rao, A. 
2011An assessment of automobile emissions in Irbid, Northwest JordanAl-Momani, T.M. ; Al-Taani, A.A. ; Al-Nasser, A.D. ; El-Radaideh, N.M. 
2010Audit committee financial expertise and misappropriation of assetsMustafa, S.T. ; Ben Youssef, N. 
2016Authentic leadership, work engagement and organizational citizenship behaviors in petroleum companyAl Sahi AL Zaabi, M.S. ; Ahmad, K.Z. ; Hossan, C. 
Sep-2018A Block-Matching and 3-D Filtering Algorithm for Gaussian Noise in DoFP Polarization ImagesAbubakar, A. ; Zhao, X. ; Li, S. ; Takruri, M. ; Bastaki, E. ; Bermak, A.