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International Journal of Business Innovation and Research
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One of the largest unrealised opportunities in organisations is fully leveraging ideas and knowledge to transform business processes into continuing innovation. Global markets and operations force companies to rethink business innovation and research activities and in turn their overall competitiveness. Business innovation and research contribute significantly to improvement in enterprise productivity and quality, integral components of business strategy and success. IJBIR covers developments in the theory and applications of business and entrepreneurship innovation strategies, methods and tools to enhance competitiveness.
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Business, Management and Accounting: Business and International ManagementBusiness, Management and Accounting: Management of Technology and Innovation
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12017Modelling customer's intention to use e-banking in Saudi Arabia: An empirical studyYoussef, M.A. ; Youssef, E.M. ; Anadol, Y. ; Zahrani, A.A. 
22019Supply chain risk assessment in pharmaceutical industries: an empirical approachSreedharan, V. Raja ; Kamala, V. ; Arunprasad, P.