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Osman, Mohamed A.
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Osman, Mohamed A.
Osman, Mohammad
Osman, Mohamed
Osman, M.
Osman, M.A.
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1Business Cycle Asymmetries and Nonlinearity in UAE Macroeconomic Time SeriesOsman, M. ; Hoque, A. ; Hassan, K. 0.0
2Dynamic asymmetries in the electric consumption of the GCC countriesOsman, M. 
3Electricity consumption and economic growth in the GCC countries: Panel data analysisOsman, M. ; Gachino, G. ; Hoque, A. 37.0
4Estimating potential output and output gap for East African countries: An eclectic approachOsman, M. 
5Estimating the output gap for the UAE: A production function approachOsman, M.A. ; Louis, R.J. ; Balli, F. 0.0
6Income smoothing and foreign asset holdingsBalli, F. ; Louis, R.J. ; Osman, M. 3.0
7Is the us dollar a suitable anchor for the newly proposed gcc currency?Louis, R.J. ; Osman, M. ; Balli, F. 5.0
8On the choice of an anchor for the GCC currency: Does the symmetry of shocks extend to both the oil and the non-oil sectors?Jean Louis, R. ; Balli, F. ; Osman, M. 4.0
9On the feasibility of monetary union among Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries: Does the symmetry of shocks extend to the non-oil sector?Jean Louis, R. ; Balli, F. ; Osman, M. 5.0
10The patterns of cross-border portfolio investments in the GCC region: Do institutional quality and the number of expatriates play a role?Balli, F. ; Louis, R.J. ; Osman, M. 10.0
11Structural Breaks and Energy Consumption in the Gulf Cooperation Council Countries: Are Random Shocks Transitory or Permanent?Osman, M. ; Hoque, A. ; Gachino, G. 1.0
12System and neural network analysis of intent to buy and willingness to pay insurance premiumTolani, S. ; Rao, A. ; Worku, G.B. ; Osman, M. 1.0
13Which output gap measure matters for the Arab Gulf cooperation council countries (AGCC): The overall GDP output gap or the non-oil sector output gap?Osman, M.A. ; Louis, R.J. ; Balli, F.