Naqshbandi, M. Muzamil

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Naqshbandi, M. Muzamil
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Naqshbandi, M. Muzamil
Naqshbandi Muzamil, M.
Naqshbandi, M. Muzamil
Naqshbandi, Mohammad Muzamil
Muzamil Naqshbandi, M.
Naqshbandi, M.M.
Naqshbandi, M.
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1Effectiveness of innovation protection mechanisms in Malaysian high-tech sectorNaqshbandi, M. ; Kaur, S. 4.0
2Employee job performance: The interplay of leaders’ emotion management ability and employee perception of job characteristicsChoudhary, N. ; Naqshbandi, M.M. ; Philip, P.J. ; Kumar, R. 7.0
3The interplay of leadership, absorptive capacity, and organizational learning culture in open innovation: Testing a moderated mediation modelNaqshbandi, M.M. ; Tabche, I. 35.0
4Intervening role of realized absorptive capacity in organizational culture–open innovation relationship: Evidence from an emerging marketMuzamil Naqshbandi, M. ; Kamel, Y. 13.0
5Knowledge-oriented leadership and open innovation: Role of knowledge management capability in France-based multinationalsSajjad Jasimudden ; Naqshbandi, M. Muzamil 40.0
6The link between organisational citizenship behaviours and open innovation: A case of Malaysian high-tech sectorNaqshbandi, M.M. ; Garib Singh, S.K. ; Ma, P. 14.0
7Managerial ties and open innovation: examining the role of absorptive capacityNaqshbandi, M.M. 35.0
8Organizational Characteristics and Engagement in Open Innovation: Is There a Link?Naqshbandi, M. Muzamil 3.0
9Roles of leadership styles and relationship-based employee governance in open service innovation: Evidence from Malaysian service sectorAhmed, F. ; Naqshbandi, M.M. ; Kaur, S. ; Ng, B.K. 4.0
10To Facebook or to Face Book? An investigation of how academic performance of different personalities is affected through the intervention of Facebook usageNaqshbandi, M.M. ; Ainin, S. ; Jaafar, N.I. ; Mohd Shuib, N.L. 12.0
11What organizational culture types enable and retard open innovation?Naqshbandi, M.M. ; Kaur, S. ; Ma, P. 25.0