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Kamoun, F.
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1A decision-tree-based system for student academic advising and planning in information systems programmesWerghi, N. ; Kamoun, F. 12.0
2A framework for guiding towards adopting appropriate IMS solutions in developing countriesKamoun, F. ; Werghi, N. ; Al Blushi, M. 
3A fuzzy classification approach to assess e-commerce security perceptionKamoun, F. ; Halaweh, M. 3.0
4GENIMS - A user-centric and GIS-enabled incident management systemKamoun, F. ; Werghi, N. ; Blushi, M.A. 3.0
5Human and organizational factors of healthcare data breaches: The swiss cheese model of data breach causation and preventionKamoun, F. ; Nicho, M. 6.0
6Innovative RFID solution for tracking and controlMiniaoui, S. ; Kamoun, F. 4.0
7On the appropriateness of incident management systems in developing countries: A case from the UAEKamoun, F. ; Werghi, N. ; Blushi, M.A. 3.0
8Performance analysis of a non-preemptive priority queuing system subjected to a correlated Markovian interruption processKamoun, F. 16.0
9Performance analysis of a queuing system with vacation and correlated train arrivalsKamoun, F. 
10Performance evaluation of a queuing system with correlated packet-trains and server interruptionKamoun, F. 13.0
11An RFID solution for the monitoring of storage time and localization of perishable food in a distribution centerKamoun, F. ; Alfandi, O. ; Miniaoui, S. 9.0
12Towards a permeable research-teaching boundary in undergraduate is educationKamoun, F. ; Fakhry, H.H. 
13User interface design and e-commerce security perception: An empirical studyKamoun, F. ; Halaweh, M. 31.0
14A wireless environmental sensor network for the condition monitoring of paper rolls at printing facilitiesKamoun, F. ; Miniaoui, S. 2.0