Al-Nasser, Amjad D.

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Al-Nasser, Amjad D.
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Al Nasser, A.
Al-Nasser, A.D.
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1An assessment of automobile emissions in Irbid, Northwest JordanAl-Momani, T.M. ; Al-Taani, A.A. ; Al-Nasser, A.D. ; El-Radaideh, N.M. 1.0
2Editorial for the special issue on: Agrostat 2010 "11th european symposium on statistical methods for the food industry"Danzart, M. ; Amenta, P. ; D'Ambra, L. ; Al-Nasser, A.D. ; Ciavolino, E. 0.0
3Electronic journal of applied statistical analysis: Guest reviewers volume 5, year 2012Al-Nasser, A.D. ; Ciavolino, E. 
4Examining the relationship between organizational coaching and workplace counterproductive behaviours in the United Arab EmiratesAl Nasser, A. ; Behery, M. 8.0
5HRM and knowledge-transfer: a micro analysis in a Middle Eastern emerging marketHaak-Saheem, W. ; Darwish, T.K. ; Al-Nasser, A.D. 5.0
6The implication of banking competition: Evidence from African countriesKouki, I. ; Al Nasser, A. 11.0
7Monitoring the process mean based on quality control charts using on folded ranked set samplingAl-Nasser, A.D. ; Al-Omari, A.I. ; Al-Rawwash, M. 
8On the population median estimation using robust extreme ranked set samplingAl-Omari, A.I. ; Al-Nasser, A.D. 1.0
9On using the maximum entropy median for fittin g the unreplicated functional model between the unemployment rate and the human development index in the Arab statesAl-Nasser, A.D. 2.0
10Repeated measures and longitudinal data analysis using higher-order entropiesAl-Rawwash, M. ; Al-Nasser, A.D. 2.0
11Service quality and customer satisfaction of a UAE-based airline: An empirical investigationHussain, R. ; Al Nasser, A. ; Hussain, Y.K. 113.0
12Two steps generalized maximum entropy estimation procedure for fitting linear regression when both covariates are subject to errorAl Nasser, A. 2.0